Tutorial Tuesday- English Paper Piecing

Today we will be making English Paper Pieced hexagons. This is a two part tutorial. EPP is really portable, and is very relaxing. I bring it everywhere- to the movies, on the train, I’m serious- these things are addictive to make. Let’s get started!
1/2″ EPP Templates from Paper Pieces:http://www.paperpieces.com/contents/en-us/d16_01.html
Mini Charm Pack: https://www.etsy.com/listing/177744082/2-mini-charm-pack-sewing-box-moda-fabric
Scissors and a hand quilting needle
Coordinating hand quilting thread
Let’s Start!
Step 1
Grab your fabric. They can be random- since it’s a mini charm pack, all the fabrics coordinate.
Step 2
Pin your hexie template to the fabric, leaving an even seam allowance
Now  get your needle and thread.
I am using a shashiko needle that I had and Coats and Clark pink hand quilting thread here.  
Step 3:
I always keep my length to no more than 18 inches. More is not always better. The thread can get very tangled!
Step 4:
Once you have your knot, fold the fabric snuggly over one edge of the template and finger press the crease.

Step 5:

Fold the fabric over the next edge, creating a nice sharp corner where the two sides meet. Finger press this crease too.

Step 6:

Grab a bit of the fabric with your needle.
Make a single stitch.
Travel to the next corner. Yes, it shows. But it’s not a big deal.  It will never get seen on the front!
While you are doing this, keep pressure in the seam allowance. You want your fabric to be taut on the edge to get a nice crisp side edge! Now you will be at your last side, which is also your beginning. Tuck the last side down. Secure your thread and knot.

Your first hexie is done! For our project, you will need 21 hexies. Part two of the tutorial will be posted next tuesday, so follow my blog to make sure you catch part two!